Sometimes All You Need in Life is a Little Adventure

Are you looking to do something that’ll get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping? Our Adventure trips are perfect for you!
A regular 9 to 5 life can get dull and monotonous. Sometimes all you need to do is to break free. What better way to bring some excitement to your life than to go on thrilling and daring adventures across the world. From swimming with sharks to going trekking inside a volcano – Sky’s the limit when you’re daring enough to go a real adventure.
Here are some exciting and unique adventures you can go on with Pro Air Travels:

Drive Super Cars at Walt Disney World Speedway

Are you a speed junkie? Do you like driving at fast speeds, and racing against your friends? Well, you can live out your car racing fantasies at the Walt Disney World Speedway, Orlando, or if you’re looking to go on a freeway cruise, we recommend the Red Rock Canyon Car tour.
You can rent exotic supercars for a day and go race a few laps with your friends. There’s even an option where you can book the entire track for a day, and organize a racing tournament with your friends. Though a little expensive, it is really very fun, and the perfect way to spend the day for speed enthusiasts.

Trek Inside a Volcano in Indonesia

Believe it or not – you can trek all way from Java to Bali in Indonesia inside a dormant volcano. The Volcano trek is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You’ll find yourself sliding deep inside the volcano’s crater with darkness engulfing you from every corner.
But don’t be scared, as long as you go with the experienced guide and don’t try anything funny – you’ll have a safe and memorable time. Trekking inside a volcano is a lifetime experience. We definitely recommend that you go Volcano trekking when in Indonesia. Experience some real thrill, and adventure.

Swim with Sharks in South Africa

There’s nothing more daring than jumping in an ocean filled with sharks! You’ll be so close to the sharks that you’ll feel their fins brush against your skin.
Crazy as it sounds, you’ll be in no danger of being ripped apart into pieces as you mingle with the sharks. Thankfully, you are going to be enclosed in a safe cage where the sharks can’t harm you, and you can pull up to your boat any time you wish. We’ve identified the best-caged shark experience for you in Cape Town, South Africa.
The shark experience though a bit scary at first, is definitely something that’ll help you make lifetime memories.

Go Skydive in Dubai

Skydiving is in the bucket list of many adventure junkies. Dubai is the ideal place to go Skydiving for beginners. You’ll be given a brief training by experts before you make your first jump. Sky Diving can be quite scary at first, but the experience is truly liberating. Its’ often said among divers than once you make your first jump, you’ll keep coming back for more.
Besides Skydiving, there’s a lot to do in Dubai. You drive a 4×4 Jeep sand dunes or go check out the world’s tallest Skyscraper – Burj Khalifa. If adventure isn’t your thing, why not go on a shopping spree in one of the richest Arab countries in the world?