The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Going to a beautiful sandy beach can make for a lovely holiday. You can bask under the sun, go surfing, or simply relax and sip beer.
Here are the 5 best beaches we’ve personally selected for you. Next time you’re planning to go to a beach, definitely check out one these

Whitehaven Beach – Australia

This is one of the most Photogenic beaches ever! Located on Whitsunday Island, the Whitehaven Beach is of strikingly white in color. The beach’s sand is composed of Silica which gives the beach its white hue and prevents the sand from getting warm during the summers. You’ll love walking barefoot on the Whitehaven Beach during summers!
The crystal-clear water of the beach going all the way up to the Great Barrier Reef further adds to the attraction, and makes for a great dip!
The Whitehaven beach is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts, and those looking to take a relaxing break from the monotony of everyday life.

Waimea Bay Beach – Hawaii

Located in Oahu in Hawaii, the Waimea Bay Beach is ideal for surfers. Every winter, the beach hosts the world-famous “Eddie Surfing Tournament” attended by the best surfers from around the world.
The best time to visit the beach is during winter, you can grab a spot the yellow beach sand, and watch in awe, as surfers tackle 30 feet tall water waves. The summers are ideal for newbie surfers, as the waves are smaller in size, and easier to tackle for learners. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see pods of dolphins or sea turtles.
There’s a big black rock located at the southernmost end of the beach, which makes for an ideal diving spot into the waters.

The Beaches of Sylt Island in Germany

Located on the far north of Germany lies the mysterious and glamorous island of Sylt. The Island has all the luxuries of a major tourist city – from high-flying clubs to upscale bars. You can grab the famous “Fresh Fish Sandwich” and bask in the sun revealing the beaches’ beauty.
The beach is also popular for deep sea diving. Almost every season, the beaches of Sylt Island host a diving tournament wherein you can participate as a novice or an expert. If you’re not keen on sea diving, you can simply sit and enjoy the view, as the professional divers battle for the top position. If you’re visiting Germany, you should definitely visit the beaches.

The Natadola Beach in Fiji

There are many pretty beaches in Fiji, but the Natadola beach, with its yellow sand which slopes into the blue ocean, is certainly the best. The beach is ideal for both swimmers and suffers. The smaller waves inside the bay are suited for beginners, while the outer area is better for the more experienced. You even take a “slow amble” on the back of a horse, along the Natadola beaches’ shoreline, for as low as 30 dollars. You’ll find locals selling seashells that make great souvenirs!
Nadola is one of the most popular beaches in Fiji – visited by tourists from all over the world, to either participate in the local surfing contest or just relax and view the performers.

The Hidden Beach on Marietas Islands, Mexico

This super exclusive beach can be reached only by swimming or kayaking through a tunnel – which makes getting to the beach an adventure in itself. Lying hidden in Marietas Island, this a yellow sand beach is also known by the name “Playa Del Amor” in Mexico. The Hidden beach is rumored to be a former secret weapon testing spot. Public facilities are non-existent, and even people are hard to find during the off-season. You can have a private beach all to yourselves if you’re visiting during the off-season. If you’re with a group of friends, why not take a speedboat trip directly to the beach, it’ll make for an amazing experience!