Fly to the City of Dreams – San Francisco

Are you planning to visit San Francisco? Great! There’s so much to do in this city, and most of the things are free. Whether you like Museum visits, Music Concerts, or Baseball Matches – you can find it all in San Francisco, and that too without paying a dime! Save more on your Travel by Flying with Pro Air Travels.

The Alcatraz Prison

One of the most notorious prisons in the history of the world – the Alcatraz Prison which is located on the Alcatraz Island, is a must-visit tourist attraction near San Francisco. The prison has housed some of the most infamous criminals of the world and has regularly featured in Hollywood movies, TV shows, and novels. You can book a tour to the prison to experience first-hand the lives of the criminals who have lived there.

Keep in mind that the weather on Alcatraz Island can be quite extreme and unpredictable at times.

The Golden Gate Bridge

One of San Francisco’s most famous tourist attractions, the Golden Gate Bridge is simply stunning. The magnificent bridge ranks amongst the 7 wonders of the world and spans over 1.5 miles. The Golden Gate Bridge links San Francisco to Marin County. The Bridge has been often described as the most beautiful and photographed bridge across the world. You can rent a car and drive across the bridge, or simply walk down along the footpaths on the side.

You will get a wonderful experience, with a walk or drive across the bridge with your friends. So, whenever you plan your trip to San Francisco, do visit the Golden Gate Bridge.

Plan a Visit to China Town

China Town is home to a number of Chinese people outside of Asia. Once you enter China Town, you won’t feel like you’re in the US anymore. China Town has the amazing Chinese restaurants, landmarks, architecture and much more. If you’re visiting China Town, don’t forget to check out the following places:

  • Dragon’s Gate
  • Sing Chong & Sing Fat Buildings
  • Old Telephone Exchange
  • The Zing-Wang Building
  • Cray-cray towns

China Town is a must-visit for anyone remotely interested in East Asian Culture.

The San Francisco City Hall

One of the most beautiful structures in San Francisco, the City Hall has become a famous place for stunning weddings and many other posh events. The City Hall was built by Arthur Brown, the man behind the Coit Tower and the San Francisco Opera House, in the year 1915. The Hall has an elegant design inspired from the Dôme des Invalides in Paris.
If you’re in San Francisco, definitely pay a visit to the Hall. There are many cheap hotels located around the premises of the City Hall. Besides taking a tour of the city hall, there’s a lot do in nearby – beautiful small cafes, restaurants and stores surround the City Hall.

Watch a Baseball Game for Free

San Francisco is a paradise for Baseball Fans. Nothing can be better than the chilled beer and a baseball game during summers. When in San Francisco, you can also watch a game of Baseball which is totally free at Oracle Park. The viewing area is quite small, and you’ll be only allowed to stay for 4 innings, but hey, can’t complain when it’s free. You can even give a shout out to your favorite players from the viewing bay.

Baseball is one the most popular sports in the US and is truly amazing to watch a match live, and that too, without paying a dime sometimes!

Pretty Roses at the Golden Gate Bridge Park

A beautiful rose garden lies inside deep in the Golden Gate Bridge Park. So, go exploring the Golden Gate Park, check if you could find the rose garden. There are over 60 rose beds plant in the park. All the maintenance is handled by the locals.

The next time you’re near the Golden Gate Bridge, do pay a visit to the park. A walk in the park will relax you up, and will leave you with a happy feel, and enchanted. The beauty and aroma of different kinds of roses in the hidden park is truly magical.