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Adventure in Brazil

6 Adventurous Activities to do in Brazil

If you’re in search for adventure, Brazil is to perfect place to go. Located in South America, the huge country spreads across the Amazon Basin. The greenery, and natural diversity of Brazil is simply amazing. The country with its perennial rivers, and mountain ranges offers a wide variety of adventure activities suited to the needs of both amateurs and the more experienced daredevils.

There are a large number of adventurous activities you do in Brazil; from White Water Rafting across the Pepira River to Sky Diving in the tiny town of Boituva. We’ve compiled a list of thrilling activities that’ll definitely get your heart pumping!

Try Tandem Hang Gliding at Rio De Janeiro

Tandem Hang Gliding at Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There’s nothing better than viewing the city from a bird’s view. You’ll get to see the vast city with its uniquely styled monuments, ghettos, mountain ranges and more, as you go Tandem Hang Gliding across the city.

The best place to go Tandem Hang Gliding in Rio De Janeiro is Sao Conrado. Amateurs are only allowed to fly accompanied with an expert, if you have experience, you can go alone but remember you’re at your own risk!

You can get the lowest airfare to Brazil from Pro Air Travels, and go thrilling adventure in the city of Rio De Janeiro.

Take a Helicopter Tour of Iguazu Falls

Helicopter Tour of Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is located on the south end of Brazil, and borders Argentina. Iguazu claims to be one of the greatest waterfalls in the world, and the best way to take a tour of the entire water fall is via Helicopter.

The helicopter tour of Iguazu Falls will make for a lifetime memory. You’ll get to see the breathtaking body of water from afar. The aerial view will have you enchanted and mesmerized the beautiful, and vast body of water.

We recommend you to book a helicopter tour at least two weeks in advance to get the lowest airfare. However, if you still find the helicopter tour a bit expense, pay a regular visit to the waterfall. You’ll find a lot of adventurous activities bubbling across the banks of Iguazu.

Sky Diving in Boituva

Sky Diving in Boituva

Fancy jumping down a plane high up in the clouds? Go Sky diving at Biotuva’s National Sky Diving Center – one of the country’s best and most popular sky diving centers. There are many great sky diving spots in Brazil, but none of them come close to the small city of Biotuva. If you’re looking to sky dive all by yourself, you can enroll in a training course. It costs time and money, but will definitely prove to be one of the best experiences of your life. You can get find great last minute deals on National Sky Diving center’s official webpage that will help you save decent some of money!

For amateurs looking to experience the thrill of jumping off a plane, a professional will accompany them to ensure their safety.

Dive Deep in the Waters of Fernando De Noronha

Dive Deep in the Waters of Fernando De Noronha

Now you can go explore the deep blue seas of Brazil, the fascinating marine life with its beautiful sea vegetation and animals in the volcanic archipelago of Fernando De Noronha. The region has been designated as a World Heritage Site, and has become a popular tourist destination for adventure lovers.

The archipelago offers the world’s best scuba diving experience, and even has many beautiful snorkeling sites. Travel offers from Pro Air Travels will help you cut down on your expenses, and experience more at a lesser price.

Rafting Across Pepira River in Brotas

Rafting Across Pepira River in Brotas

Located in Sao Paulo, Brotas is a great place to go water rafting. The waters of Pepira River that flows through the city are pristine white, and attracts a lot of tourists, who come their seeking thrill and adventure. White Water Rafting in Brazil is a thrilling experience you simply cannot miss.

Pay a Visit to the Pantanal Wetland

Pantanal Wetland

Pantanal is the biggest natural tropical wetland in the world. As big as 9 European countries, Pantanal is home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna, animals and bird-life. The wetland is famous for its diverse bird-life with over 600 species of birds.

The Wetland is a must visit for nature enthusiasts, and the best way to explore Pantanal is by going Kayaking across its water body.

Get ready to go on a great adventure in Brazil. The country is a hub of nature and beautiful sceneries, which make the perfect backdrop for adventure activities. You can get the lowest airfare, great deals on hotel bookings, adventure activities and sightseeing by booking an entire adventure Travel Package to Brazil with Pro Air Travels.


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