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We would like to let you know a little about our Air New Zealand’s history!

  1. Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. Our company is actually based in Auckland.
  2. Air New Zealand was founded on the 26th of April, in the year of 1940; as Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL), a company operating trans-Tasman flights between New Zealand and Australia.
  3. TEAL became wholly owned by the New Zealand government in 1965, whereupon it was renamed Air New Zealand. It was only then that we were known as a full-fledged airline globally.
  4. Our very first flight commenced on the 1st of April, in the year of 1965.
  5. Our airline operates scheduled passenger flights to about 20 domestic and 31 international destinations in 19 countries around the Pacific Rim and the United Kingdom.
  6. We have been a member of the Star Alliance since 1999.

Do you want to know where we have our major hubs?

Well, our major passenger transfer spots are in:

  1. Auckland Airport
  2. Christchurch International Airport
  3. Wellington International Airport

We would like to let you know about our fleets

  • We operate a sum total of 113 aircrafts

Last year on the 30 September 2018, we checked all our numbers of Air New Zealand’s working and it’s wholly owned subsidiaries only to find out that we operate a total of 113 aircraft. This rocketing up in the numbers has enabled us to create a benchmark in the aviation industry globally which no other Airline Company has been able to match up with.

  • We have a wide range of mainline fleets for domestic, and short-haul international flights

We at Air New Zealand have a huge range of mainline fleets which consist of 63 aircraft.
The 30 Airbus A320 and two Airbus A321neo jet aircraft for domestic and short-haul international flights,
Nine Boeing 777-200ER, eight Boeing 777-300ER and 13 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jet aircraft for long-haul flights.
Our Airline has an additional Boeing 787-9 aircraft, six Airbus A320neo aircraft, and 13 Airbus A321neo aircraft on order

  • What do we really offer you at our Air New Zealand Deals?

    On calling on our Air New Zealand customer service number, we will let you know about the numerous deals what we have for you to choose from.

    We provide you with the following seats in order for you to enjoy your air travel experience with family, and friends to the full measure.

    1. Economy Sky couch
    2. Economy
    3. Premium economy, and
    4. Business premier

    Stretch out, and relax on our Economy sky couch!

    1. Whether you are a couple who would like a bit of an extra room, or you are a parent with a young child, or you are a parent with two restless kids, then you will definitely find our innovative Economy Sky couch the ideal solution to your problem.
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Enjoy comfort in economy class!

  1. At Air New Zealand, we make sure that everyone has a super-comfortable flight.
  2. It all starts with our slim-line seats with sculptured upholstering and flexible a headrest. These ergonomic details mean that you and your family will enjoy a deeper and more restorative sleep.
  3. And you will also have plenty of things to keep you entertained before you nod off.
  4. Each and every seat has an integrated 9-inch and high definition touch screen which will give you the benefit of enjoying hundreds of hours of fun just at the tap of a finger.
  5. And if you want to power your own devices in order to be up to date with social media while on an air travel, then you’re welcome to use your individual USB sockets or use shared in-seat power connection.

6. In order to avail all these services, grab the best deals by ringing a bell at our Air New Zealand reservations number.

Enjoy an experience more Premium than Economy class!

  1. We at Air New Zealand welcome you to our Premium Economy.
  2. Make yourself feel super comfortable like you are at home in a luxuriously soft and roomy leather armchair. Also, browse our in-flight entertainment, or catch up on with some work, or relax and enjoy our famous Kiwi cuisine.
  3. Whatever you need in order to enjoy a comfortable, and relaxing air travel at Air New Zealand, we’re here to keep you happy, and smiling.
  4. We have customized beautifully comfortable ink-colored luxury leather seats selectively for you, with generous armrests, a leg rest and extendable foot support.

Experience the luxury of Business class Premier!

  1. We at Air New Zealand Business class Premier, give you the privilege to enjoy a super soft, and fluffy leather seat that magically transforms into a luxurious lie-flat bed, with a memory foam mattress, two full-size pillows, and a cozy duvet.
  2. There is also an ottoman footrest that doubles as the guest seating. And all our lie-flat beds have direct aisle access.

Where does our Air New Zealand Airline Fly?

The top routes that Air New Zealand flies are:
Chicago to Auckland (1650+ flights per month)
Auckland to Chicago (1550+ flights per month)
Wellington to Auckland (1240+ flights per month)
Auckland to Wellington (1100+ flights per month)
Nelson to Auckland (950+ flights per month)

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  2. Whether you are getting off for business or heading out on a yearly getaway, Expedia makes your journey just as fun as the destination. Air New Zealand, New Zealand and Australia
  3. We are based in Auckland; NZ Air New Zealand offers you a comfortable service to destinations scattered throughout New Zealand and Australia.
  4. See the sights in Sydney. Discover the coast in Cairns. Spend a weekend getting to know Christchurch. Wherever you’re going, Air New Zealand will get you there with time to spare. Call now at our Air New Zealand booking helpline number.
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