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Winning the top spot at the 2014 World Airline Awards for the fourth time now, the Hong Kong-based carrier Cathay Pacific has received high marks from Skytrax for in-flight entertainment and cabin crew.

Cathay Pacific airlines have currently scheduled passenger and cargo services to as many as 168 destinations in 42 countries worldwide, making it the world’s third largest airline measured in terms of market capitalization.

Cathay Pacific airlines- A benchmark setter!

We founding member of the One World alliance, thereby setting the benchmark high for the alliance as well as the other airlines that have joined us later.

The word ‘Cathay’ came from the ancient name of China, Khitan, and Pacific was a hope that the founders clung on to for the airline to fly over the Pacific Ocean one day – which it did.

Cathay Pacific has also diversified into related industries and sectors which include the following:

  1. Ground handling,
  2. Aviation engineering, and
  3. Inflight catering.

Why choose our Cathay Pacific airlines customer services?

There are many reasons that make Cathay Pacific airlines a multinational airline.  We offer our passengers the top-notch services which no other airlines have ever been able to meet.  Our Cathay Pacific customer service executives are ever ready to help you book the best air tickets. You can grab the best airlines deals by calling on our Cathay Pacific booking helpline number +1-888-404-0001.

Popular Cathay Pacific International Flights:

  1. Bangalore to Hong Kong
  2. Kolkata to Hong Kong
  3. New Delhi to Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong to New Delhi
  5. Hong Kong to Bangalore

Want to know about where our Cathay Pacific Airlines top sectors are located at?

The Top international sectors of Cathay Pacific include:

  1. Taipei to Hong Kong,
  2. Hong Kong to Taipei,
  3. Bangkok to Hong Kong and
  4. Hong Kong to Shanghai.
  5. We also have occasional flights from Vancouver to Calgary,
  6. Boston to Los Angeles and
  7. Tokyo to Hong Kong flights.

Why Fly with Cathay Pacific airlines?

When you choose to call on our Cathay Pacific phone number, our customer care executives will give you detailed information about the top-class services that we offer you at Cathay Pacific airlines.

Who does not like an extravagant air travel?

All of us have a longing to travel the air in style. Well, that is exactly what we offer you at Cathay Pacific airlines.

  • If you are longing to have a royal, kingly air travel, then you are at the right place. Call today on Cathay Pacific booking helpline number +1-888-404-0001.
  • In case, you want to make an online booking with our online airline booking portal or in case you wish to purchase a regular ticket for First Class, then you may even avail of lounge services which are available in various cities.
  • The business class seats of our Cathay Pacific Airlines are a complete, and full package the world of comfort, and luxury.
  • The luxuriously styled seats that we offer turn into a flatbed of over 2 meters, in case you wish to relax your back.
  • The seats are integrated with massage facilities that help our passengers stay relaxed along the way especially during long travels.
  • With the built-in power outlet, one can easily charge their gadgets and keep up with the world while on air travel.

Do you wish to know what we really offer you at Cathay Pacific Airlines reservations number?

Availability of First-class seat booking:

  • This class offers the finest of features and services of Cathay Pacific airlines.
  • We at Cathay Pacific airlines customer services offer you the best recliner seats that are both elegant and provide privacy with comfort.
  • You may easily pick the different kinds of cuisines and entertainment of your choice and avail of exclusive lounge services at various locations with the First class booking.
  • This class even offers leniency in Cathay Pacific baggage allowance.

Economy class service available for you on all routes:

This class is Ideal for you in case you are someone who is traveling on a budget. Our Economy class has seats that offer comfort as well as convenient storage space in order for you to enjoy a comfortable air travel with your family and friends.

This class gives you the privilege of enjoying individual televisions, so that you may enjoy movies and music with your near and dear ones.

We at Cathay Pacific Airlines reservations number +1-888-404-0001 provide you with economy class service on all routes;

Availability of Business class service at Cathay Pacific airlines:

  • Our fleets at Cathay Pacific are well equipped with the most versatile seats.
  • The business class is ideal for business travelers.
  • From plug points for electronic devices to choosing your various entertainment option, this class has it all sorted out for you.
  • Complete your journey with scrumptious, warm meals and rest comfortably in this class.

Our Cathay Pacific airlines booking helpline executives will give you all the information you need in order to know, and book your business class seats with us by calling on our Cathay Pacific Airlines reservations number +1-888-404-0001.

Availability of larger seats in the premium economy class:

This booking class offers the best of both worlds by offering affordability and services. Here, you as a prestigious customer may enjoy the following:

  1. Wide seating,
  2. Tasty snacks, and
  3. Meals,
  4. A wide range of entertainment options

We at Cathay Pacific airlines customer service provide you with larger seats in the cabin front on:

  • Most of the major domestic airline routes,
  • Premium economy seats on some of the international routes,
  • Business class on most long-haul routes, and
  • some short-haul international routes, and
  • First class on some long-haul and domestic routes.

Become a member of the Marco Polo club at Cathay Pacific airlines

If you are a frequent flyer with Cathay Pacific airlines, then you may become a member of the Marco Polo Club and earn various miles to redeem for different benefits. While all travelers enjoy Cathay Pacific Web check-in, as a Club member you may get the priority while boarding with us and get increased luggage allowance.

Welcome, Cathay Pacific Web check-in facility!

Want to know the various benefits of the Cathay Pacific Web Check-in Facility?

  • Being a popular airline among flyers, Cathay Pacific experiences a high passenger payload.
  • This can be seen at the check-in counters of our airlines that are usually flooded with people.
  • But you have a way to avoid this horde and peacefully board your aircraft with the help of the Cathay Pacific online check-in facility.
  • One of the major benefits of this Cathay Pacific check-in service is that our flyers do not need to rush to the airport hours before the take-off of flight.
  • You can easily use this facility from any internet-enabled device and complete all the pre-flight formalities.

Suppose you have an early morning flight, then the airlines require you to arrive at the airport at least 3 to 4 hours in advance. That means you have to report at the check-in counter in the wee hours. But if you check-in online with Cathay Pacific web check-in facility, you can easily reach the airport about an hour before the departure of your flight.

  • By using this service, our passengers can also have the option to select their favorite, desired seat.
  • It is often seen that people hurry to the airport just to get their preferred seats.
  • During the online check-in procedure, Cathay Pacific offers this benefit as well, thus making things more convenient in order for you to enjoy a peaceful, and comfortable air travel which is hassle-free.

Benefits of being frequent travel with Cathay Pacific airlines!

  1. During the online check-in, our passengers are also asked to put in their Frequent Flyer Number.
  2. There are a lot of benefits of being our member. This makes sure that the people who have subscribed to the program do not miss out on accumulating their points.
  3. After you have completed your pre-flight formalities online, you can directly move to the bag drop counter.
  4. You can also download the Cathay Pacific app, which is iOS and Android friendly.
  5. From flight status, baggage allowance to check-in feature, it greatly helps in managing the bookings.
  • Choose to book your air tickets today with Cathay Pacific airlines customer service number +1-888-404-0001. And go on the biggest adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends. Why waste any more time or look anywhere else when you can grab the best deals with our airlines. Call now, and allow our booking helpline representatives to help you organize your air travel with family and friends.