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Top 5 Mesmerizing London Spots to Visit at Twilight

The city of London at Twilight is even more beautiful in the night than it is during the daytime. Get ready to indulge into a magical experience, just when you see the sun going down in London. The city will glow up and several famous landmarks here will shine with the utmost brightness that will literally make you go Gaga over this city.

If you are an insomniac who wishes to explore the city after the sun goes down then be sure to visit these glorious spots. And yes, keep a camera handy to capture the mesmerizing scenic beauty of London. Trust me, you will be more than happy to recall these moments in the later phase of your life.

Get a glimpse on the spots that are a must-visit in London during the twilight.

1. Get mesmerized at the Tower Bridge of London

Tower Bridge of London

London Bridge is one of the most defining landmark in the city. The high-level walkways take a stunning panoramic view and you get to experience the thrill of watching the entire London. Believe me when I say that you will literally be stunned by the gorgeous site. Moreover, if you have seen pictures then know that this place in reality looks way more beautiful in reality than in photographs.

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2. Get Enchanted by the Live Music in Soho

Live Music in Soho

London is the home to countless talented musicians, and honestly nothing can feel better than spending a beautiful night at Soho while listening to music performances from blues and jazz.

We recommend you –
– Blues Bar
– Jazz After Dark

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3. Experience a Ride at the London’s Eye

Ride at the London’s Eye

Taking an exclusive ride on the London’s Eye is the most iconic of experiences that you can get during your vacation in London. You can view the entire South Bank from the top of London’s Eye and after viewing the scene you will be sure that you couldn’t see a better scene in life.

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4. If ever in London, Hear the Big Ben Chime

Hear the Big Ben Chime

Big Ben is part of the world’s biggest four-faced chiming clocks. And it is on our list of nighttime spots because the building literally lights up during the night and the beauty of it will literally leave you stroked for a very long time.

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5. Admire the Fancy Streets of Harrods

Admire the Fancy Streets of Harrods

Harrods is one of the most famous stores that is primarily known for only selling luxury goods. The undeniably amazing atmosphere cannot be ignored and the captivating stores are sure to steal your heart at any cost. However, even if you only plan on strolling around the area then its fine because you would still be happy by only admiring the stores and by trying out its extremely fancy food stalls.

Another Top 5 things that you can plan on doing here are-
– Gaze the gorgeous night sky at the Hampstead Observatory
– Visit the beautiful sky garden
– Watch a show at the Comedy store
– Visit the most trendiest spot in London- Shoreditch
– Get a panoramic night tour via bus

Create the memory of an extravagant nightlife by visiting these spots in London.

Also make your travel budget friendly by availing exclusive deals via Etihad Airways Number +1-888-404-0001. After visiting these spots it’s our guarantee that you will either extend your holidays here or come back again to London for another mind-blowing travel story.


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