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Las Vegas

14 Things That You Probably Never Knew About Las Vegas

The ‘Sin City’ is the ultimate hub for all the fun and excitement. Many of you dream to visit Las Vegas only to experience its extravagant nightlife and casinos. I know the feeling of planning your incredible getaway to Las Vegas to just throw a bachelorette party or an amazing girl’s getaway vacation. See, it’s all fun in this crazy city.

But this city obviously holds a lot more than you actually know, and I am here to spill it all out for you. And, trust me you haven’t known before about the casino heaven.

Top 14 Coolest Things to Know about ‘The Sin City’

Indulge in knowing some of the best things that you never knew about the craziest city- Las Vegas.

1. A Heaven for Your Big Day with 300 Weddings Per Day

300 Weddings Per Day

Surprising, isn’t? The amazing wedding chapels are famous worldwide for elaborated as well as quickie marriage ceremonies. Afterall, Las Vegas can’t be just known for being the top wedding destination in the entire USA.

2. Believe it or not but Las Vegas is Not All About Gambling

Las Vegas

Even though Las Vegas is highly popular for its gambling, but trust me, it not all gamble in here. You can enjoy a number of more things that you can particularly do during your visit to Las Vegas.

3. Las Vegas is Kid-Friendly, Hold on before you drop your jaws


Even though the emphasis of Las Vegas is mostly on its nightlife and gambling, but honestly there are a number of places that are perfect for individuals under 18. Some of the places hit the list as kid-friendly places such as-

– Adventuredome at Circus Circus
– M&M World and the Hershey’s Chocolate world
– Dolphin Habitat
– Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden

4. The Black List in Las Vegas

Black List in Las Vegas

Shockingly, there is a Black Book with a list of people who are not allowed to step foots into the casinos here in Las Vegas.

5. Learn the lucky math for slot machines in Las Vegas

lucky math for slot machines in Las Vegas

Majority of the slot machines in Las Vegas are set at a certain payout rate, which means that if you are spending $100, then you should be able to retrieve at least $75 on a lucky day.

6. The Life in Las Vegas

Life in Las Vegas

Well, it is more interesting than you initially thought. You can make your ends meet by even working as a bartender or a cocktail waiter/ waitresses here in Las Vegas.

7. The Truth about prostitution in Las Vegas

Prostitution in Las Vegas

Contradictory to the belief of a majority of people worldwide, prostitution is highly illegal in Las Vegas.

We can feel the sparkly smile of relief on your face right now.

8. The Bitter-Sweet secret about the Fountains Here

Fountains Here

There are a plenty of fountains here in Las Vegas. But the secret behind the water here is that it is something of a grey water that is recycled water from bathtubs, showers and sink.

Quite Cool, Right?

9. The Sparkles from Outer Space

Sparkles from Outer Space

The brightest place on earth happens to be none other than The Las Vegas strip. It is perfect when viewed from the outer space. Feels like a sheer beauty!

10. You can Actually Gamble at Movies here in Las Vegas


There are literally casinos everywhere in Las Vegas. And surprisingly every movie theatre in Vegas doubles in casinos with their poker tables and slot machines.

11. People here are in love with Shrimp Desserts

love with Shrimp Desserts

Did you ever thought of Shrimp to be in your dessert?

But surprisingly, the people here in Las Vegas crave a lot for shrimps and has inculcated the same into their desserts. So, get ready to fill your appetite with a dessert that might seem crazy at first to your sight.

12. For luxury, plan an exclusive stay at the MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

This largest hotel in the country is the heaven for complete luxury. You can come here and enjoy the best of comfort and luxury if your pocket allows so.

13. Elvis Presley- A superstar at Las Vegas

superstar at Las Vegas

You would be more than surprised to know that legendary music star Elvis Presley performed a total of 837 consecutive shows once at the Las Vegas Hilton and Casino.

14. Lowest Tax Policy

Lowest Tax Policy

What could be a greater place to live and raise your family than Las Vegas? The tourist industry of this place is literally so amazing that most of the money here gets invested in funding for roads, schools, parks and other facilities of importance for the city.

We hope that you loved Reading About the Coolest Facts of Las Vegas.

If you did, then start packing and set off for an exciting journey to ‘The Sin City’. Ring us a bell at +1-888-404-0001, to grab amazing Swiss Airlines Deals today.


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