Moscow’s Nightlife that’s Worth All your Money for An Epic Vacation


Dance, Craziness, Friends, Booze and innumerable Memories. Isn’t this just a dream?

Don’t you at times have an insane mood to just hop on the plane and fly to the ultimate destination of sheer excitement? And, it is the best time for anybody who is looking for a break from the world of reality.

And, what place can you expect than Moscow itself, which is located in Russia, ‘A fanatical place popular for its supreme nightlife’. In addition, you know how the saying goes, “Moscow never sleeps”. So all the insomniacs get ready to have a blast in Moscow this season. This city is full of surprises and if you don’t believe then fly and see for yourself.

‘Amazing Vodkas, Traditionally brewed beers, Russians, and gigs awaits you in Russia. So, give us a shoutout if you ready for your epic vacay in this crazy destination.


‘You Only Live Once’. So why miss out on all the craziness that there is to see and enjoy in life? ‘

  1. First, let’s tell you about ‘Night Flight’


Imagine living your twilight hours in the most renowned club in the world, sounds fantastic, right. Honestly, a night at this place may cost of all your pennies, but on the brighter side it’s all worth it. The Night Flight has all the abilities to fulfil your luxuries and offer you a night which is unforgettable in each and every manner.

  1. ‘02 Lounge’ is next on Our List

Let’s take a moment to admire its exterior beauty. Well, this bar is set beneath a geometric glass canopy, so you can’t expect it to get any better? Apart from this, the drink list is truly appreciable. It comes with wine, champagne and incredible vodkas. You can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor terrace which offers you a spectacular view from the top.

  1. The Time-Out Bar


The bar and its aura truly has a match with its name. You can lose track of time while spending your time at the rooftop of Time-Out bar. And, trust me a night here definitely wouldn’t bankrupt you in any way. So, grab a drink for yourself and groove along the fiery beats here.

  1. Propaganda Bar – LGBTQ Parties Like Never Before!

It’s been 20 years since Propaganda has been known to make people’s night memorable. And, due to its fantastic endeavor people are still attracted to this amazing hub. Also, if you are ever here then do not miss out on their mouth-watering steaks and sandwiches. Wait, Sundays! Yes, Propaganda is known for throwing popular and the crazy-best LGBTQ parties ever.

  1. 16 Tons- A Heaven for Music Lovers


Music is truly something which captivates us all. And, 16 Tons is here for complete musical entertainment. They exclusively blend music programs, foreign artists and Russian music to make all their people groove. Also, ever since their establishment they have managed to have their own brewery and, if you go their own our recommendation then do not miss out on their signature beer ’16 Tons’.

Which is the Worst Timing to Visit Moscow for its Nightlife?


You can definitely visit Moscow for other things, but if you want to be there to particularly enjoy its nightlife, then we suggest you avoid the following times-

  1. New Year’s Eve- This day is when you will find most of the locals gone, and honestly the entire city is mostly deserted with nothing exciting enough to do. So, if you trust us on this, then spend the day with your family and come later after the eve ends.
  2. Mid-July till August End – Sounds like a familiar time of the year, yes, these months are mostly dedicated to holidays and escaping the city. So, finding fewer locals at Moscow to hang out with isn’t as worth it. So, try to avoid this time of the year.
  3. Holidays – Particularly in Feb and May

For the people in Moscow, holidays means a sweet escape from their reality. In one way its important, but you would want to be sure that you look for a time when Moscow is gloriously crowded with locals for more fun.

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