Experience an Extravagant Nightlife in Paris with Pro Air Travels

Extravagant Nightlife in Paris

Hit your Nights at these Dazzling Spots in Paris with Pro Air Travels

There is a good reason why Paris is called the ‘city of lights’. This wonderful city is filled with dazzles, and non-stop hustle during the nighttime. From clubs to classic wine bars, to hipster dives to fancy restaurants and crazy cabarets, this city has it all. Undoubtedly, this hot city has a lot more in store for its people’s during the night.

We already know that the Eiffel Tower has worked its charm upon you, and by the end of reading this, you will already be so much in love with Paris that you will readily pack your bags and hop onto the very first flight to the City of Lights.

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Now let’s Quickly Hop on to the Unmissable Places to visit in Paris

Paris in all its gloriousness has a ton to offer to its people.

From beautiful landmarks that hit brighter during the night to charming cafes for late night talks. Paris literally has it all.

Come feel the magic among these lively districts of Paris. Book your tickets with Pro Air Travels and have the experience of a lifetime.

1. Ah, the Forever Glory of the Eiffel Tower

Glory of the Eiffel Tower

The mesmerizingly lit Eiffel Tower has been one of the most visited attractions in Paris. Think about its beauty during the daytime, isn’t it simply amazing in your mind? Now imagine its charm getting enhanced by a zillion times during the night time.

Imagine what it would be like, standing in front of such an iconic beauty with your lover by your side. Yeah, it’s only romanticism to its very best!

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2. Go crazy by shopping your heart out at Paris

shopping your heart

Tickle your fancy by shopping at some of the best stores in Paris. Now here’s the kicker, a ton of shops from departmental stores to highly luxurious stores are open until 11:30 at night. Amazing, right? You can become the very best version of yourself as a shopaholic and indulge yourself in great shopping throughout the night.

3. Experience Extravagant Shows and Festivals!

Shows and Festivals

Be a part of Paris’s limelight by experiencing its super lavishing festivals, events and shows. Trust me you wouldn’t regret it if you are in Paris.

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4. Enjoy your Evenings at the Best Restaurants and Bars in Paris

Best Restaurants and Bars in Paris

Even during the night, this place is loaded with high-class restaurants and bars which will be more than you could ever imagine.

Hangout at the Le Café Marly to view the majestic gallery glass paintings or the iconic Brasserie de la Tour Café to relax among the laid-back crowd and to enjoy the soothing environment in small French cafes.

Also, try the Little Red Door for the best cocktails in the city.

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5. Most Happening Nighttime Party Places in Paris!

Party Places in Paris

If you are a party animal who enjoys having happening nights, then these places are for you to keep in mind,

– Le Batofar-

With sizzling music and drinks on your hand, enjoy the fantastic Le Batofar while viewing the city lights reflecting on the water.

– Rex Club

Do you consider yourself as an amazing dancer? Here at Rex Club you will groove and show your moves like never before!

6. World Famous Cancan Dancers at the Moulin Rouge

Famous Cancan Dancers

The Moulin Rouge is a party place for the adults, and yes, that’s a thing. You will enjoy the best evening of your life among shows jam-packed with acrobatic skills, songs and dance.

In search of great entertainment in Paris? Then visiting The Moulin Rouge should be first place to hit on your list.

Another place that will fulfill your entertainment thirst is The Crazy House, featuring nude dancers performing in a very artistic way. This soulful performance is worth for each of the penny you pay.

Pro-Tips for Enjoying your Nighttime in the ‘City of Lights’

– Do not forget to carry a water bottle, or else you just might have to pay a fortune to gobble some water down your throat in Paris.

– Check before you visit a hot night spot in Paris because some of the places remains closed on specific days.

– In case you plan on visiting the cabarets, kindly try your best to dress elegantly as some places follow a dress code for the night.

Now that you have finished reading this till the end, you can get yourself to experience the most heavenly city in the world.

Go, Pack, Hop on, Explore and Create Incredible Memories.

The ‘City of Lights’ awaits you in all of its dazzle and gloriousness.


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