Grab Amazing Offers to Spain with Air New Zealand Deals

Spain with Air New Zealand Deals

Explore the Beauty of Spain With Air New Zealand Airlines 

Spain is one of the most beautiful, unique and popular tourist destinations in the world. This country has endless travel opportunities and experiences with a lot of things to do and see for all. From the beaches of Barcelona to partying in the night away o Ibiza totally an adventurous place.

Planning a trip to Spain for leisure? Want to feel the Spanish culture? If so then just hook up with the Air New Zealand airlines and grab an exclusive offer and pocket-friendly Air New Zealand deal to Spain. Here you will get cheap air tickets which won’t burn your pocket.

Without worries, you can plan your trip to Spain with your loved ones with Air New Zealand airlines. Spain is an epic land with diverse landscapes which stir the soul. To get a guide of things about Spain keeps reading the blog. As in this blog, we have got you a guide of things which can be beneficial for you if you are traveling for the first time.

Autumn is a great season to go to Spain

great season to go to Spain

• Spain is actually famous for its long hot midsummer’s and astonishing beach vacations.
• But it does not mean that the country remains closed for the tourists for the rest of the year.
• Autumn season is more intimate and you get a chance to explore more corners and see what the country looks.

Explore the beauty of Spain

Visit the Alhambra

Visit the Alhambra

Alhambra Moorish fortress located in the hills of Granada, it protected the local residents from invasion by Christians from past hundred years. This place has beautiful gardens with a beautiful fortress. Visit Alhambra is must if you are going to Spain.

Hiking in Aran Valley

Hiking in Aran Valley

The Aran Valley which is unique and a part of Catalonia on the north side of Pyrenees. During winters it is a famous ski area but in the autumn season, it is a dramatic mountain peak and a perfect place for hiking. So, go in the autumn season and hike in Aran Valley.

Take a Trip Along the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago is an antique pilgrimage to the tomb of St James in Santiago. To visit there, you have to walk a long way across northern Spain. It is a long trip to Camino de Santiago and is the most loved pilgrimage route in Spain. So, enjoy your journey with your loved ones.

Discover Madrid’s Latest Gastro Markets

Gastro Markets

Madrid’s market identifies the city identity. This place has veritable restaurants where you can have a number of Spanish dishes. To have the taste of Spanish culture you must discover Madrid’s gastro markets.

Eat Tapas

Eat Tapas

Tapa is a small dish or bites sized snack which is served in bars and cafes in Spain and is the favorite dish in Spain. Almost all the restaurants and bars in Spain will be serving tapas. If it’s your first-time visit to the country then eating this is a must.

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Do you know why people love to travel to Spain? Why some people have their dream destination as Spain? Well, Spain has a lot of interesting facts which makes this country out to be the best place to spend holidays.

Here are some of the interesting facts that you must know before you travel to Spain:

The World’s Largest Producer of Olive Oil

Largest Producer of Olive Oil

When we talk about olive oil Italy comes into our mind, but actually, Spain is producing about 44% of olive oil all over the world. And this amazing fact is totally hidden, many tourists don’t get to know about it.

More than 8000 kilometers of

8000 kilometers of Beaches

Spain is the most popular destination for sunny holidays! And if you combine all the Spanish beaches it would come to be 8000 kilometers long. Quite a lot of beaches in Europe are found in Spanish only.

Home of the world’s Oldest Restaurant

world’s Oldest Restaurant

The world’s oldest restaurant called Botin which was opened in 1725 is in Spain. And is operating till now so, if you are coming first time to Spain you need to try out the cuisine of this ancient restaurant.

Spanish is the world’s Second most Spoken Mother Tongue

English is the most widely spoken language all over the world, but some people have English as their second language. in relation to mother tongue, Chinese conquest the first place and Spanish comes the second. And this is certainly the most interesting fact about Spain.

One of the world’s most Diverse Cultures

One more interesting fact about Spain is that the culture is so varied and divided between different regions. Every region in Spain has its own tradition and culture. Even some regions have their own language in Spain.

Each Person has Two Surnames

It is a tradition to have two surnames in Spain. In Spain, each person has two surnames one of their mother and one of their fathers. Isn’t it amazing? Slowly starting to change!

Banned Smoking and Drinking in the Office

Banned Smoking and Drinking

The most interesting facts of all about Spain is that it is the first country in the world which banned smoking and drinking in bars and offices in 2006.

All these facts make this country a must to go place. Also, when you are getting amazing pocket-friendly Air New Zealand deals from Air New Zealand airlines what else you need for? just reserve your flight ticket and take a flight to Spain. Air New Zealand deals are very much affordable and you wouldn’t find the same prices anywhere else.


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