Romantic Getaway in Finland with Scandinavian Airlines Phone Number

Scandinavian Airlines Phone Number

Ultimate Travel Guide for Finland – Lapland for Love Birds in 2019

Have you ever wanted to visit a magical land with your lover?

Is this the time of the year when you are celebrating a milestone in your relationship? Maybe a wedding anniversary, a success story or simply urging for a romantic getaway. If this is the thought in your mind and you are ready to begin a brand new journey with your lover, then Finland is the place to be!

Somewhere far up the north, there is a magical place that has the ability to make lovers fall for each other all over again. And why not, the charming pastel skies, pristine trees covered in snows and cozy hideouts, all just add to the romantic vibe for many of the couples visiting here.

The ‘Jewel of the North’ is worth visiting and you can imagine the spirit the love growing in a number of unique ways.

TOP Things to do during your Romantic Getaway in Finland

We have curated a list of awesome activities that you can perform as couples during your romantic escapade in Finland.

1. Plan for a Unique Accommodation

Plan for a Unique Accommodation

All special occasion requires unique accommodation. Imagine your days in a glass igloo or a tree house. The nights are going to be so memorable under the blazing northern lights and the stars twinkling from up above.

Sounds Romantic, Doesn’t?

2. Tour the Arctic with a Husky Safari

Tour the Arctic with a Husky Safari

Already sounds intriguing, right? You can explore Finland like never before with a tailored safari ride. This is particularly good for you and your partner because you get to step out of your comfort zone and try such an amazing adventurous sport.

Just imagine the glory of controlling your own team of arctic dogs across the Lappish countryside of Finland.

3. Get a Dreamy Reindeer Ride

Dreamy Reindeer Ride

Reindeer are the first creatures that comes to our mind when we think about Christmas. Gliding through the mesmerizing snowy forests in a wooden sleigh together is the most romantic yet fun thing that you can try here with your partner.

4. Relax your mind and body at the Sauna

Relax your mind and body at the Sauna

Vacations are for the complete relaxation of your body and mind. But at Finland, together with your partner you can enjoy a blissful sauna experience with a glass of wine in your hands. Share your love for each other while clearing your mind and body from all the negative thoughts.

5. Try the Crazy Ice Swimming

Crazy Ice Swimming

It sounds crazy, right? Yes to be honest it is as crazy as it sounds. But it is an adventure worth trying with your partner. Get the quick surge in your body and experience a feeling like never before. However, make sure to reach for fire as soon as you get out of the ice water. You obviously wouldn’t want to fall sick during your romantic getaway, right?

6. Escape into the Gorgeous National Park in Finland

National Park in Finland

Getting into a natural and more subtle environment is the perfect way to relax and celebrate your love together. Snowshoeing is also a great way to Experinece the crazy wilderness of Finland.

Simply take a deep breath and feel the fresh and clean air in Finland.

7. Try Snowmobile with your Partner

Snowmobile with your Partner

Don’t you just dream of riding through a silvery forest at some point of your life?

Well, here is your chance. Take a guided tour and set off on a crazy journey with your partner. In case, you plan on heading unguided then do make sure to remember the route to avoid any bad consequences.

8. Spend a Romantic Night under the Northern Lights in Finland

Spend a Romantic Night under the Northern Lights in Finland

This is literally the best way to spend the last day in Finland. You will be able to rewind your journey here in the best way, and it is probably one of the best ways to spend your romantic holiday in here.

You can talk for hours and express your love for each other, and trust me doing such a thing is the perfect way too built more love and understand among each other.

Why do you need a romantic getaway to Finland?

In a relationship it is very important to spend time together along with your partner. But at times it is not possible to do so. So, to take a break from your hectic life you need to spend some good quality time together. And, Finland is definitely the best place for this.

Enjoy a romantic getaway to Finland by calling today at Scandinavian Airlines Phone Number +1-888-404-0001.

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