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Vacation in South Africa

Top 6 Extreme Adventure Activities to Try in South Africa

Adventure is the perfect relaxing to your life, agreed?

South Africa is on the verge of becoming the adventure capital of the world. And, it definitely does have a valid reason for it. This incredible destination is known to push adventure seekers to the limit- a limit of satisfaction. Any adventure lover and come to South Africa and get satisfied with their best as an adventure junkie.

6 Coolest Things to do during your visit to South Africa

Here are 6 extreme activities that you can try doing in South Africa that will most likely get your heart pumping and adventure juices flowing.

So, let’s get started.

1. Step into the Horror of Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Did you ever think about diving with the bad boys in the deep dark ocean?

We are hoping that your goosebumps are already on by this time. You can try this thrilling activity at Gansbaai which is just south of Cape Town and is also known to be the world’s great white shark capital.
But worry not, you will still be safe as the sharks will only swirl around outside the cage.

2. Embrace a Free Fall with a Sky Dive

Free Fall with a Sky Dive

I do not think that there is anything more adventurous then hurdling into the sky out of a plane and that too thousands of feet above the ground?

There are a plethora of gorgeous spots in Parys, Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay that will give you chills and take you high up into the sky to give you the most spectacular view of the world below.

3. Set on for a Rafting journey at the Western Cape

Rafting journey at the Western Cape

Embrace the crashing swells of river rafting at the gorgeous foothills of Cedarberg. But, remember that this is not a sport for the weak hearted ones. So, drown your fears if possible and head on for an exciting river rafting chapter.

Moreover, if you already an enthusiast for river rafting then you can join a tour group offering 2-3 day excursions where you will be fighting brave waves during the day, and at night relax by camping out at the riverside.

4. Feel the Thrills of Diving with a Crocodile

Thrills of Diving with a Crocodile

In case you got freaked out by the heading, then let me tell you first that it’s a crocodile cage diving. The craziest places to try this activity are –

– Cargo Ranch in Oudtshoorn
– Western Cape

You might think of this activity as more fearful than fun, but once you try it, you will definitely notice that it was totally worth all the courage. We highly recommend you to try this activity out during your vacay in South Africa.

5. Try Bungee Jumping at the Bloukrans


Adventure seekers have this crazy desire for near-death experiences, and this is maybe because of the crazy adrenaline boost.

Here you can bungee jump from a stunning white bridge arching over the mind-blowing valleys below. You will be more than amazed by your experience here.

6. Spend a day to explore The Cango Caves


Are you looking for a thrilling experience here in South Africa? Then come to The Cango Caves that is located beautifully at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains.

You can enjoy two specific tours here, such as the ‘standard tour’ and the ‘adventure tour’. If you are here for an adventure trip then we highly recommend the latter. You will truly be amazed to view the incredible rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites as well as some incredible historic bushman paintings.

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