Useful Pro Air Travel Tips for your Smooth Trip to Switzerland!

Smooth Trip to Switzerland

Pro Air Travels brings you the Best Travel Tips to Switzerland!

Switzerland is a land of glory busting at the seams with alpine lakes, flower-filled meadows, alluring villages, and fascinating modern cities. It’s impossible to not get charmed by the beauty of this country.

This beautiful country may be the most beautiful country in Europe, especially during the summer. There’s a mesmerizing story behind the way the mountains glisten with snow even in the sunniest days. The fascination just goes on and on!
During your escapade to Switzerland, you can expect crucial landmarks that will literally take your breath away in a way that you will wish for a prolonged vacation in this fabulous dream destination.

10 Essential Pro-tips for your hassle-free Holiday in Switzerland

Flying to Switzerland? Wait, read these travel tips first to save your money as well as to have a great time in this ‘Heaven on earth’ like destination.

Take away these crucial tips before visiting Switzerland –

1. Get Smarter this Vacation!

Smarter this Vacation

There are always ways to travel smart to any destination. Wondering how?

– Well, Switzerland is easy to get around, so during your getaway make sure to invest a bit on a travel pass which will enable you to run on literally everything including the boats, trains and even cable cars.

– Drink tap water when in need. Tap water here is perfectly safe for your consumption!

– Cut out on booze- Liquor in Switzerland is expensive! So either skip the drinking or drink at home to save your bucks.

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2. Hiking is Free in Switzerland!

Hiking is Free in Switzerland

Yes, you read it right. This dream destination is an outdoor lover’s perfect dream. Without spending many bucks you can enjoy the pristine landscapes here, and get around the country with some fascinating hiking and snowshoeing.

3. Planning for a Raving Nightlife in Switzerland? Fix your Transit.

Nightlife in Switzerland

Majority of the public transit stops by midnight. So, make sure that you have your way figured out to make it to your hotel. Partying is great, but getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, and that too at an unknown destination might not be so much of a fun.

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4. Fan of Swiss Chocolates? Here’s where you can get the best ones.

 Fan of Swiss Chocolates

Buying chocolates from local stores with tempting packages doesn’t mean that they are of good quality. Prefer buying from local chocolatiers and save your bucks!

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5. Know the language of the locals. It’s important, believe me!

language of the locals

‘Swiss’ is not actually a language in Switzerland. Instead, Switzerland has 4 National languages. French, Italian, German and Romansh that are the mostly spoken languages in the country.

So, learn a phrase or two as it won’t really harm you, and instead will get the locals impressed!

6. Do not forget about the Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness

‘Precaution is always better than care’. So keep this in mind and always make sure to carry common sickness pills. And also, remember to stay hydrated at all times.

7. ‘Early to Bed and Early to Rise’

Early to Bed and Early to Rise


The day starts early in Switzerland, which means that you can go exploring the best spots during the morning. Even the shops here open at 6 A.M.

So whether it be a neighbourhood strolling or a trip to the most amazing places in Switzerland, you can enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes at any time of the day.

Boost your mornings in Switzerland!

8. Careful for what you Pack in Switzerland

Pack in Switzerland

Your entire trip to Switzerland can go vague. Believe me! Despite the varying temperatures, travelling around Switzerland is generally moderate in temperature with the exception of spending time in the mountain.

Here’s what you need to pack-
– Pack thin material clothing, so that you can layer them according to your choice.
– Pack your toiletries along with you
– Carry any prescribed medications for emergency
– And of course, your passports and ID proofs.

9. Watch out for Closing Times in Switzerland

Times in Switzerland

Planning on getting your hands on some souvenir or groceries? Keep an eye on the closing times because most of the shops here are closed at noon and opens by 5 in the evening.

And don’t even think of going on a shopping hunt on Saturdays and Sundays, wait until the weekdays hit by.

10. Lastly, don’t hit the popular Tourist Spots

Tourist Spots

You might hate us for saying so, but honestly, the popular tourist spots are all jam-packed during the day. So try exploring the lesser known towns like Biel, Thun or Solothurn.

Trust me, you will feel more than privileged to have visited these spots.

Book your cheap flight tickets with Pro Air Travels and have the experience of a lifetime in Switzerland.

Create Memories Like Never Before!


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