The Ultimate Backpacking Europe Travel Story in 2019

Backpacking Europe Travel

My Travel Story – Visiting the Hidden Gems in Europe

I am thrilled to say you that my dream destination is now just a week away. And I suppose that you learnt it well from the title that this spot is my favourite heavenly dreamy destination in the world.

My excitement might seem a little too much, but I have dreamt of visiting Europe ever since I was a little girl. And you wouldn’t believe how hard I worked to figure out the best plan to reach Europe.

Wondering About how Things went?

Well, it was a little hectic at first and my plan kept taking a different stroll but finally last year, at the sweet age of 21 I made it to Europe. Surprisingly, everything still felt like a dream until I landed on to Europe and my best friend pinched me for still thinking of it as a dream. Damn! It was the most satisfying moment of my life.

My love For Europe- I was so enthralled to be in Europe that I did not book a return ticket for myself. Yeah! I know it sounds crazy and my family thought I’m nuts.

My love For Europe

But common wouldn’t you do the same if you got the once-in-a-life opportunity to be in your favourite place. You would, right?

But believe it or not my adventures in Europe lasted for 3 weeks.

Cheers to 3 awesome weeks of my life!

I decided on exploring the hot spots as well as the hidden gems in Europe. And my ultimate motive to write this little blog for you is to actually amaze you by telling you about my experience in the lesser-known spots of Europe, the ones that you might have never even heard about.

So sit with some popcorns and enjoy my sweet, crazy European journey that feels no less than a roller coaster ride.

 A mysterious place of glory- Tolmin George, Slovenia

Tolmin George, Slovenia

Slovenia is the first place that came into my mind and I was still energetic because thankfully I did not jetlag. Thanks to the comfort that Lufthansa Airlines provided me with.

My hiking dream came true for the very first time when I stepped into this beautiful spot covered with rocks and narrow passages which gave a mysterious vibe to it, but nothing eerie. So don’t get scared, alright?

This place was quiet and breathtaking, and beautiful before and even after sunset. I relaxed here, calmed my mind and the hiking experience was unforgettable. Tolmin George truly rejuvenated my soul!

Highly recommended for you!


After Slovenia I directly headed to Spain because come on, where is the fun in Europe if you do not visit Spain?

(i) Cutar, Spain- A magical little town

Cutar, Spain

I am not even kidding when I say you this, but Cutar literally felt like a town directly out of a fairytale book. The beauty of this glorious little town amazed me so much that I spontaneously decided on staying here for a week.

And being spontaneous here was the best decision ever!

(ii) Drive at the Segura de la Sierra in Spain

I heard a lot about this spot, so after a week I was here, crazy, right?

A visit to Segura de la Sierra is definitely a must for your trip to Spain. I thought that this place was a literal olive-tree-heaven and once I was here, I was amazed to see the views that just went beyond amazing.

I hiked to the top of the Segura de la Sierra with my best friend and later in the evening had a pleasant drive on the sloppy roads in here. It was fun and mesmerizing at the same time!


Greece just had to be on my list because of its amazing beauty and vibrant cultural diversity.

Fall in Love at Butterfly Valley of Petaloudes in Greece

Butterfly Valley of Petaloudes in Greece

The valley of butterflies was my perfect one day trip and I wandered around the place freely for most of the time. And if you are imagining a romantic walk, then well I was up there enjoying the calm with the butterflies alone. To be honest, I still dream of walking the fields of Butterfly Valley again. Hopefully, I will do it again in my upcoming trip to Europe.

I would recommend you this spot if you are looking for your Happily-Ever-after place to settle down in the near future.


Belgium happened to be my favourite among all the other destinations in Europe. You Ask Why?

Well, continue reading to know about my Belgium fantasy.

(i) Visit the transforming land of Hallerbos in Belgium

Hallerbos in Belgium

The best thing about this place is the ultimate transformation that Hallerbos goes through. I went at a time when tens and thousands of bluebells bloomed and the scene here was just all beyond my expectations. Also, i collected some and gathered memories of this place with my Polaroid camera shots.

I was literally so amazed by this place that I wanted this to be my wedding place, and well I would still stick to the Hallerbos over any other spot in the world.

My Journey to Europe

Journey to Europe

I struggled a lot to find the best commute for my travel to Europe. You wouldn’t believe that I searched over fifty websites in order to find one with the perfect deal. Finally I ended up booking my air-tickets at a discounted airfare. I would recommend you to ring them on their Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Number +1-888-404-0001. And, I would definitely suggest you the same, as my onboard journey was really great as well.

Let me know about your favourite spot in here and which one do you wish to visit on your upcoming trip to Europe.

Ping me up in the comment section below, if you have any other suggestions for my upcoming trip to Europe.


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